About Us



Rock of Eden is a a special place.

We love the inspiration, the “raison d’etre”  behind beautiful, original fine jewelry. We hand curate pieces that are undeniably exquisite and breath taking.

We collect from  many eras including Victorian, Edwardian, Art nouveau, Art Deco, Retro and we also offer contemporary designs,  including some of our own. Collecting and mixing modern and antique jewelry can be a form of art.

We’re intrigued  by the idea of letting  jewelry anchor fashion in unexpected ways. We write about jewelry design, inspiration and its wear whether  a signature piece of individual expression or a fashion accessory. Original, fine and antique jewelry always has a story to tell and we love telling those bits that make each piece so special.

When we sell a piece we know it goes to someone who already is, or is becoming, a connoisseur of finding beauty and we love being part of that journey.