3rd Oct 2013

Accessory Handbags as “Jewelry”


To love jewelry is to love fashion for many but my heart belongs to jewelry in all forms. Steel beaded clutches are the ultimate jewelry accessory.

Like jewelry, a purse like this navy beaded clutch, below immediately adds a fresh perspective- vintage can do that.

Our Rock of Eden collection is exquisite and well priced. These vintage purses make an excellent addition for casual wear or a formal evening out. I love black skinny jeans with a neutral top and one of our clutches. Check them out.


Once-upon-a-time a woman’s status was based on the small size of her purse. It was assumed all she needed was something to carry her calling cards while the staff handled everything else. Carrie Rotfeld, former editor of Vogue Paris, once commented she rarely carried purses at all- so much more freedom that way! We say ditch the shoulder boulders and carry lipstick, cash and your business card in one of these genuine beauties.

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