23rd Sep 2013

Emmy report: Jewelry and more

I’m a die hard fan of the new House of Cards television show. And as a former amateur dancer (who still takes classes mind you- go Claire Danes- also a dancer) I love ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. I always watch the Emmy’s for the dresses, the jewelry and was thrilled to see original choreography as a category on the show this year.

Best dress: See below. Jewelry wise, We suggest a little more arm candy bling (Antique French, White Sapphire Bracelet) or more feminine diamond earrings (Antique, Diamond Bow Earrings).


We’ve reported on pink from the Paris Runways and love it on Rose. She could easily top it with a leather jacket later and still be totally glam. Of course we would have opted for a vintage purse from Rock of Eden.

One-of-a-kind, Vintage Purse

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