12th Sep 2013

Jewelry Shop Talk with Amy – Part One

4f4ec33a5aa4d8746027987811e5e148Monday, we posted Amy’s blog about personal style, jewelry and online jewelry buying (check it out if you haven’t yet). As part of getting to know Amy I asked her some questions to get her take on jewelry, why we love it and how to wear it. This is our conversation, totally unedited!


Q&A with Amy Roseveare


Q: What does a personal stylist do exactly? Describe a typical day in the life of a stylist!

A: One of the cool things about being a stylist, is that every day is different.  Some days I’m knee-deep in a client’s closet, weeding out what needs to go.  Other days I’m hunting for the perfect items for a client and/or shopping with them.  But I can also be found packing clients for trips, switching out clients’ closets for a new season, holiday and gift shopping for them, or even tracking down a particular garment or accessory online.  This job is NEVER boring, that’s for sure!


Q: I think French women really do have a certain effortless chic…how come Americans don’t?

A: I think in a way, American women put too much pressure on themselves.  We tend to want quantity over quality, and constantly are trying to keep up with the trends. When I stay with friends in Paris, they don’t seem to have this mindset.  They all have teeny-tiny closets, yet full of the best quality that they can afford. They are not afraid to wear the same items multiple times within a short time period, and can make outfits look different with accessories.  Though this will sound like a generalization, I feel that French women have a much more solid sense of their personal style than we do here, and they stick with what works for them, regardless of all the trends.


Q: What are some basic tips for styling and accessorizing that every woman might not know?

A: The core to this is knowing your personal style, and then building an wardrobe, including accessories, that support that style.  When you do this, there will be harmony in the styles and colors you wear, making it very easy to get dressed each morning.


Q: Do accessories make an outfit?

A: Is there such thing as an outfit without accessories?!?  I think that would just be clothes….so yes, it’s ALL about the finishing touches with accessories.


Q: How would you describe your style?!

A: I’ve always been drawn to the luxurious bohemian look.  Think white breezy tops with diamond rings.  I do feel now that I’m in my mid-40’s, I’m refining it a bit, though.  The bohemian part is being shown more in my jewelry than my clothing.  I’m finding that I love the look of skinny jeans, a pretty top, and some sort of jacket or blazer.  I’m drawn to neutrals, fine fabrics, and of course, bling to set it all off.


Q: We’ve both traveled around the world in search of amazing jewelry. Do you think it’s an obsession?

A: Well obsession has a bit of a negative connotation in my mind.  I’d prefer to think of it as a passion.  That sounds much better, don’t you think?!


Q: I developed a love for jewelry because my Dad gave me a jade heart ring. I remember staring at it for hours. I loved the color and rawness of it. Do you remember your “first love” in jewelry ?

A: I honestly cannot remember a time when I wasn’t completely in love with jewelry.  I had a few pieces of amethyst (my birth stone) jewelry as a young girl.  I loved the jewels so much, that I managed to pick the stones out of their settings.  I carried them around in a clam shell, and would take them out to hold in my hand, like a princess’ treasure.  Humor, hm?


Q: What’s your ideal engagement ring- traditional or non traditional ? Describe in detail!

A: I SO go back and forth with this!  I know that I do not want a traditional solitaire–I definitely want something a little different.  I’m not sure if it will be a white diamond, or a natural colored diamond, but I know that It will have a good sized main stone, along with some stacking bands.  I think 3-5 rings that I can wear in different combinations, with or without the “main” ring would be perfect.


Q: What’s your favorite Rock of Eden piece?

A: I think right now it’s got to be the black rhodium diamond cuff bracelet. It’s stunning on it’s own, yet it’s also so easy to stack with other bracelets!

Black Rhodium Diamond Cuff Bracelet

Smooth black rhodium silver cuff with five inverted French cut diamonds that rise above the metal to form clean, white pyramids.

Q: What accessories or designer trends excite you for Fall?!

A: I’m excited for all the leather pieces, from leather jackets to leather cuffs. I also am seeing some great multi-fingered rings and rings that extend up over your knuckle.  I can’t wait to try some on.


Part two of our Q&A continued

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