16th Sep 2013

Jewelry Shop Talk with Amy – Part Two


Part two of our Q&A with Amy Roseveare. If you missed part one, please read it here: Jewelry Shop Talk with Amy – Part One


Q: How do you deal with jewelry lust? You know, that to die for piece you want that’s not in your budget right now?!

A: This seems to be something I deal with on a regular basis!! One of the great things about my job, is that if I find some tremendous piece, then I can often find a client that would just love it.  I get the joy of seeing it go to a good home and I get to see it on occasion, which is great.  Plus, it’s not on my credit card bill!   I will say that I do buy myself a piece each Christmas.  I call this my “boyfriend gift.”  Each Christmas that I don’t have a boyfriend, I use the money that I would have spent on him to buy myself a piece of jewelry.  Why should I have no boyfriend AND no jewelry?  I’m not OK with that!


Q: Have you ever done layaway for a piece? If so was it worth it?

A: I have taken advantage of the “take it now, and split your payments, interest free, for the next 6 months” more than once.  Totally worth it!  That’s how I got my two nice watches, and a moonstone cocktail ring that I adore.


Q: Do you mix antique and modern jewelry? Any tricks to doing it well so that it’s not a hot mess?!

A: I definitely do that! I think my rule of thumb is to sprinkle in the vintage pieces here and there.  So for example, I may have 5 bracelets in my stack, but only one or two are vintage.  I also like to wear a very modern outfit, yet then throw on a cool vintage necklace, such as my Indian squash blossom necklace. Wearing it this way, it looks more like art than a costume.


Q: Do you mix metal tones?

A: Absolutely!  My personal coloring includes both warm (eyes and hair) and cool (skin tone), so mixing metals is a great way to enhance my natural color harmony.


Q: Can there ever be too much “arm candy”?

A: Well…I have seen it overdone, but not too often.  As long as I can move freely and without too much noise, I think I’m good to go. 😉


Q: Do women still wait for the man to buy jewelry for major purchases?

A: So many women do, and I just don’t understand it!  I  really make it a point to work with my clients on this issue.  I understand if it’s a very fine piece of jewelry that costs a lot, but that’s not the norm for jewelry purchases.  There is a wide array of jewelry out there.  I feel women should feel empowered to make their own choices and purchases.  If you find something you love that you can afford, then go for it!


Q: Are hoops always in style?

A: Yes, no question.


Q: A lot of jewelers are moving into silver – do you think that is for price point purposes?

A: I think that may be part of it, but I also think that silver looks great on so many people!


Q: What about you? Silver or gold?

A: I wear both.  Part of it depends on my mood, and the rest on my outfit.  Perhaps I’m wearing an all-black outfit and I want to warm it up a bit, then I pile on the gold.  Some other days I’ll just be in the “silver” mood and go for that.  And this may sound weird, but some days I feel like my jewelry tells me what to wear.  Seriously!


Q: Do you ever fall out of love with a piece? If so, what do you do with it?

A: That’s an interesting question. I do find that I sort of go in cycles with my jewelry. I may wear a certain piece daily for a couple months, and then suddenly I’m tired of wearing it. But that’s not  a problem…I just put it in its place in my jewelry box, so it can “rest” for a while.  I’ll undoubtedly pull it out again, be it a few weeks, a few months, or a few years later.  Recently I just started wearing a couple rings that I bought in college, back in the late 80’s!  They’re suddenly all “new” to me!  Luckily, jewelry doesn’t take up too much room to store, either. 😉


Q: We just recently de-accessed our fashion jewelry and are expanding our designer lines and antique jewelry that is in step with today’s fashion. Do you think fashion jewelry mixes with the “good stuff”?

A: I think there’s no other way to do it–both with accessories and clothing.


Q: Do you think brand name jewelry is worth the price as compared to designer jewelry, say Cartier vs an emerging designer?

A: This really comes down to personal style and image.  Some people might love a Cartier watch because of the brand recognition, whereas others might love it just because of the design, regardless of the brand.  Just as someone might love wearing a necklace by an emerging designer because it’s “under the radar,” yet someone else might love it because it’s totally their color.  The bottom line is that I think people should buy what speaks to their heart and style, regardless of the label or designer.  Be unique and stay true to your own style.


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