5th Aug 2014

It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

We love it when the past collides with the present whether it be a fresh new jewelry design that pays homage to a previous era or the revival of an artist’s legacy.

Having recently seen, Get On Up, the biopic about James Brown, I was struck to the core by the man’s entertainment ability not to mention songs that are still amazing to listen to. James Brown was aptly performed in the movie by Chadwick Boseman. James Brown truly was the Godfather of Soul, not just funk.

The song, It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World, written and performed by Brown is to this day a powerhouse song that worthy American Idol contenders have yet to beat. This song is nuanced with meaning regarding the allure and power of a woman and just how essential a woman is not only to a man but to the quality of life.

This led us to think about just exactly what are the characteristics that women still uniquely own in today’s modern society?

Here are three:

1. Emotional tenderness. Yes, men cry now and we love them for it but the heart of a woman for her child truly achieves depths of magnitude that are best felt, not described (which James Brown conveyed masterfully in that song).

2. Child bearing. Still woman’s domain. Yes, one could make the sea horse argument but let’s not go there.

3. Jewelry and fashion. Also still a woman’s blank canvas for person expression with fewer limitations than men, gay or straight. While James Brown looked pretty spectacular in his fur coat and cowboy hat, had he piled on the jewelry too, it would have been over the top.

Women on the other hand can layer it on or go big and bold and it becomes a powerful statement of greater proportions. Liberace pulled it off because he was Liberace but we still say it’s not the same as a confident woman who dares to pile on the goods.

Case in point: let’s compare Elizabeth Taylor to Liberace in those bedazzling, encrusted statement pieces. Elizabeth Taylor wins. Hands down.


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