23rd Apr 2013

Rhapsody in Pink. It’s all in the mix.

A few weeks ago we talked about ballet inspired fashion worn with leather, as covered in Paris Fashion Week. We want to dive in a bit deeper to this trend because it’s deliciously easy to pull off and so cool. Here are a few tips on how to wear a ballet inspired look, and the many luscious shades of pink, in a variety of ways.

*Mix soft fabrics with hard jewelry such as spiked bracelets or necklaces.

*Mix light colored clothes with black jewelry

*Mix an all black outfit with soft pink jewelry.

*Mix a soft billowing pink skirt and a tight fitting pink top with a tight leather jacket, finished with contemporary black spike jewelry from Rock of Eden’s Spikes and Stones collection.

*Go all out girly with a soft pink outfit paired with diamond, crystal, and rhinestone accessories for a feminine look without the edge.

The key is mixing soft and hard textures, colors, and styles. Share your outfits with us by posting photos of your ballet inspired look to our Facebook page!

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