2nd Jul 2013

Signature Jewelry – What speaks to you?


Jewelry pieces are not silly objects of adornment. They are totems — objects that create feelings of strength or protection.

In ancient times the totem was associated with a certain clan and it was chosen because it was tied to a plant or an animal that had transformative powers for the spirit.

Today we are drawn to jewelry because we are innately drawn to the metal, the design or the story behind the piece – it resonates as part of your unique story.

I love this pyramid ring because it is modern in design (the Louvre) yet influenced by the simplicity of pyramids of ancient times. Plus, it’s original and cool. And comfy.


Jewelry pieces chosen for daily wear often provide a sense of empowerment, individuality and creativity. That’s why jewelry continues to be admired and worn over centuries across many different cultures.

We love the modern pieces of “spikes” and stacking rings because they connect us to the women of ancient times that wore variations of this, in layers.



Some pieces are your every day go-to jewelry items – sort of like putting on your armor for the day. Ever feel naked without a certain ring or necklace? It’s part of you, that’s why.

Signature pieces change and evolve over time as your tastes change or even as your style changes but generally, they last awhile and can be worn day or night with very little change up.

Here are a few signature pieces for a woman in her 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Originals available only at link.


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