15th Mar 2014

Spring Accessory Ideas

Bold and vibrant florals are big for Spring. It’s almost as if we all want Spring and Summer to greet us NOW. The question is how much color is overkill with these deep, multi-colored wardrobe hues? And what about accessories? How do we keep them from being too fussy, or sweet? Here are a few ideas:

1. Skip the statement necklace. Overkill.

2. Do not “match” flower accessories; use flowers that are a different shape or slightly more neutral or classic addition. Matchy-matchy is boring.


3. Consider silver chunky pieces to tone things down.


5. Consider black and gold to pull out the background “neutrals” of the floral or pattern print.


6. Consider adding and edgy or quirky piece to add contrast.

The bold dresses may eventually be retired but the right accessories will stay true to these and other wardrobe choices down the road.

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