20th Aug 2014

Trendspotting – LA to Tokyo

Trendspotting – LA to Tokyo

Iggy Azalea’s new song, “Fancy”, raps about loving the fast lane from LA to Tokyo. So when I was awaiting a flight from Tokyo recently I couldn’t help but wonder what the fashionistas might be sporting.

These two looks had a great, hip, without trying too hard, vibe:

*Studded white tennie’s (studs all over) with mid knee length flippy skirts and fitted tops

* Fedora hat, jean jacket, slouch crotch pants, big hoop earrings (The crotch pants looked good on a skinny person )

Meanwhile, looks we’d like to erase from memory include:

* Sweat pants, t-shirt & skinny wrap bracelets

* Cut off short short jeans & dirty hair that doesn’t come close to the “beach” look


Which look was  from Tokyo and LA? Let’s just say the real fast lane in style these days may not be those frequenting the I-405.

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