21st Jun 2013

What would Tina wear?

Tina Fey does ball gowns and the red carpet now, so of course she would plan her bikini and beach jewelry for the summer solstice.

Here’s what our staff at Rock of Eden imagines (love you Tina!):

1. Big floppy hat with over sized cat eye sunglasses cut out of the front of it.image

2. A copy of War & Peace peeking out of her real-real, Fey-Fey beach bag.

3. Swim suit A, B, or C below rotated according to sun burn.


4. Rock of Eden spinning gold celestial ring for A.D.D. moments.


5. Rock of Eden bangles that clink to break those moments.


6. Broad spectrum, glitter infused sun screen (glitter white is the new San Tropez tan).

7. Fruity pebbles for snacks for Tina and her beach buddy, Gisele Bündchen.

8. Peanut butter, banana and jelly sandwiches for when Gisele leaves.

9. The latest script for her new sci-fi comedy, Space Levity.

10. Binoculars for spying Into Malibu celebrity homes for new material.

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