22nd Oct 2015

A Moment With Sara Starr Lindsey

“Intertwined, texture, and explore.”


“Futuristic Pod Earrings”

“I picture Bjork wearing my pieces.”

"Intertwined Earrings”

“Intertwined Earrings”

Jewelry Designer, Sara Lindsey, took a break from working on her show stopping creations and took a moment to talk to us about her intricate pieces and how her career as a jewelry designer all began.
1) How and when did you start getting into jewelry design?

I started making jewelry in high school. It all began with hemp necklaces, African trade beads, and hair wraps. Then moved on to sterling silver wire wrapping and Austrian crystals. From jewelry I veered towards ceramics and glass blowing. Glasswork enveloped me for many years, putting jewelry on a back burner. I decided to finish college 2 years ago venturing down the path of getting a studio artist degree. Because glass was not an option at this school, I focused on metal. Large metals, which included welding and pouring bronze, along with small metals… Jewelry. I very quickly fell back in love with making jewelry. I learned many new techniques including soldering, centrifugal casting, cuttle bone casting, etching, enameling, forming, and forging.

2) Do you have any inspirations that helped your jewelry evolve into what it is today?

My inspirations stem from nature, exploration, music, and the ocean. I love textures and hidden places. I also love motion and feeling intertwined with the world around me.

3) If you had to explain your jewelry pieces with 3 words, what would they be?

Intertwined, texture, and explore.

4) What kind of woman do you envision wearing your jewelry?

I picture Bjork wearing my pieces, but also everyday women in tank tops and jeans or a little black dress.

5) Are there any certain materials that you favor?

I favor metal of all sorts, silver, copper, gold… and messing with their surfaces

6) Do you have a favorite kind of jewelry? (Ie: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.)

My favorite kind of jewelry is a “statement” piece.

Branch With Pod 3”

Branch With Pod 3”

7) Please tell me a little more about your design style.

My style comes from where the ocean and land meet, the constant interaction of two things that are really different.

8) Are you working on any new pieces at the moment?

Yes, I am working on new pieces. I am still exploring the pod form and asymmetry.

9) Who is someone that you admire?

I admire Bjork, Amma, David Lynch, and Mark Plotkin. I feel that these four could help the world.

10) What is the most challenging part of jewelry design?

The most challenging part of jewelry design is waiting for the response of the public, whether or not people can connect with the pieces.

“Barbed Set”

“Barbed Set”

"Futuristic Pod Necklace"

“Futuristic Pod Necklace”

Jewelry Designer: Sara Starr Lindsey
For inquiries please call (855) 762-3336
For more photos please visit: http://starrglass.com/

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