30th Sep 2013

Amethyst Jewelry and the Properties of the Amethyst Stone


I researched the crystal properties of amethyst this weekend and discovered that the color violet or purple is associated with the third eye – the spiritual element of creativity and seeing beyond the physical plane. Not to get too “woo-woo” here but the physical and chemical properties of stones or crystals are associated with certain healing properties to our body and its energy centers.

In ancient times stones were worn or carried for this purpose. I will keep reading and researching these topics along the way.  I do believe we can be drawn to stones for intuitive reasons not fully known to us at the time. It’s one of the reasons jewelry can be alluring- quite literally.

Are you attracted to a certain piece of jewelry because of the color of the stone? I love color and often times the stone or stones in the jewelry will “speak to me”.

I practice yoga and recently during the meditation portion of the practice I kept seeing a kaleidoscopic explosion of violets and purples – seriously. I asked the teacher about it and she said it was the third eye opening up for creative and spiritual receptivity. Wow.

This blew me away because, coincidentally, our newest additions are antique amethyst pieces. Was this a coincidence? What do you think?

These pieces are breathtaking in the design, craftsmanship and color.

Purple can work as a neutral or an accent color. I wear a lot do wardrobe basics in black and grey and gold and amethyst works well with them.

Amethyst and Pearl Gold Earrings

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