6th Feb 2014

Amethyst for Valentines or February Birthdays


The radiant orchid is the official fashion color for 2014. It is a fascinating color with many hues. One deep infusion of this hue becomes violet blue or purple, which in gem terms, would be the amethyst.

The amethyst is also the birthstone for February. At one time amethyst could only be worn if you were royalty. Even today, we often see the color purple used to denote a status of high rank or monarchy.

The amethyst, also known as purple quartz, is found in geodes which look like plain rocks on the outside. Inside however, when a geode is cracked open, there are hundreds of sparkling raw crystal amethysts to be found. The inside of a raw geode is an art piece in and of itself.

The amethyst is a rich, beautiful stone in jewelry, particularly in antique jewelry, where the time was taken to create beautiful hand made gold work around it.

A few of our favorite Rock of Eden amethyst pieces are below.
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Rose Gold, Amethyst Filigree Antique Bracelet

Antique Amethyst and Gold Bracelet

Amethyst and Pearl Gold Earrings

Amethyst and Pearl Gold Earrings

Antique Amethyst and Gold Necklace

Art Nouveau Diamond, Amethyst and Pink Topaz Necklace

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