26th Nov 2013

Antique Jewelry for Christmas

It’s no secret that the affluent often buy a unique vintage or antique piece of jewelry for gifting.

This tradition is not just for the wealthy but also for the beginning collector or the collector of other fineries such as art or wine, looking to branch out.

Original, fine jewelry is also for the fashionista looking to build assets that last longer than the wardrobe does. We recently over heard a beautiful, very well dressed woman express exactly this sentiment at a fashion show.

Whether an established or beginning connoisseur of fine, original jewelry, Rock of Eden is the hip pocket online resource for finding beautiful pieces. We take into account value, quality of the work, color and quality of precious stones, the quality and clarity of the details within designs, and the overall originality of all that we offer. Each item has been carefully chosen for it’s beauty and unique appeal in addition to a certain organic or natural beauty intrinsic to the piece.

For example, we especially recommend this Art Nouveau pink topaz, diamond, pearl and amethyst necklace. This piece is an antique that is so youthful, feminine and pretty.

The multicolored natural stones of pink topaz, amethyst and diamonds create a confection in design and color that is all girly-girl.

Or, for the edgy more modern collector, consider this eighteen carat matt gold, pyramid ring with four step cut trillions on each side. The diamonds alone are very rare and the design is modern, classic and extremely cool.

This is an 18 carat matt gold ring set with nearly a half carat diamond on each face of the pyramid.

For more ideas for gifting or collecting, please relax and enjoy the detailed descriptions for the pieces available only at Rock of Eden fine jewelry.

Can’t decide which piece to gift? Consider a gift card in any amount you desire. We provide a range of prices and jewelry styles to accommodate all levels of collecting. Or, shop online together, Christmas Eve or Christmas day…who knew collecting could be so easy?

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