27th Sep 2013

The Champagne Diamond Dagger that talks

Strikingly bold and feminine. It has nearly two carats of clean, natural champagne diamonds set into a white gold sword that has a removable sheath.

This design has been one of our best sellers. Why? It has it all: sparkle, originality, great detail and elegant design.

At the end of the day jewelry “speaks” to someone as if to say “aaah, yes, this piece  suits me perfectly, it completes my signature look. I love it!” The jewelry boutiques that carry us as well as our online customers love this pendant at first sight. It was designed under the label, Artemis, for our boutiques. Artemis is the Greek goddess of hunting.

At this point we have only one left at this price point as diamonds and gold keep rising. But that’s another story.

The inspiration behind this piece was the jabot pin worn by men in Victorian times, mostly to hold their ruffled shirt in place. There are some beautiful jabot pins that still exist today. We opted to create a sheath for the dagger that can be removed with a simple click and squeeze. It adds a quirky element of surprise. Why not?

Notice the pink-ish color of the all natural stones which were hand picked. We particularly love the beaded granulation detail at the tip of the sword and on the bale, or loop, of the pendant for the chain. Most prefer an eighteen inch chain.

We are often asked, what is the connection between antique and modern jewelry?
Like art, most inspiration and innovation comes from the work of our predecessors. The key is to create something fresh and new that satisfies our innate desire to discover something beautiful– something that speaks to our inner being.

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