31st Jul 2014

Colorful Jewelry

Diamonds and pearls are classic staples and blend nicely with colored gemstones. But sometimes a lot of color is called for and it’s best to put away the stand by classics.

Rubies and emeralds add color as does yellow gold, rose gold, and the luscious shades of tourmaline, turquoise and coral.

One jeweler we know practically spits, “it eez too much coleur,” when he observes a design with many, varied colored stones. Aside from his accent and visceral reaction we tend to agree. If there are many colors in the palate they are best in a related, complementary palate like the Art Nouveau necklace below.

Art Nouveau Diamond, Amethyst and Pink Topaz Necklace

Art Nouveau Diamond, Amethyst and Pink Topaz Necklace

But sometimes muted is not enough. When going for more bold color just remember to avoid “matchy matchy”. Turquoise earrings would work best with a bold Indian summer print with turquoise in it, as opposed to a solid turquoise top.

Turquoise is also great with a black bikini or one piece swim suit. The turquoise pieces offered by Rock of Eden will flow right into Fall because of their easy, polished sophistication.

Colored accessories are always a brightener to the fashion ensemble and a great way to perk up wardrobe basics.

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