19th Jun 2014

Deciphering Gold

Ever wondered about gold finishes? Most likely by now you’ve developed a preference such as shiny vs. matte (not shiny).


18 Carat Gold and Diamond Pyramid Ring

Rolling Gold Sphere, Diamond, Ruby, Crescent Moon Ring

How about the color of gold? Generally speaking the main three colors are yellow, rose and white but there are variations within the spectrum.

Gold Strips

Gold Strips

What about low carat gold, meaning gold content less than 14 karat? At the JCK show we noticed several collections that were low carat gold such as 10 carat rose gold which was very pretty and a great price point.

Interestingly enough, antique jewelry is often low carat gold. Antique jewelry was also often gold topped with silver backing.

Victorian 9K Rose Gold 50″ Belcher Chain

Ever wondered about vermeil gold? Vermeil usually means gold plated, not solid gold, with the underlying metal being something else such as copper or silver. Gold plated jewelry provides a great price point but it may wear over time so if it’s going to be an everyday talisman invest in gold. Love high carat gold? We do. That rich 18-22 carat matte finish is such a rich, beautiful color. A terrific look is 22 carat vermeil and it avoids the price of solid high carat gold.

Gold is a significant cost component of jewelry and there are varying degrees of gold content which impact color as well as price. It is standard practice in the industry to “recycle” gold, lending credence yet again to the saying, “what’s old is new again.” When it comes to gold, there are many choices and price points to consider in relation to how often a piece will be worn.

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