28th Mar 2014

Ever Wonder What Jewelers Collect for Themselves?

At an auction preview recently, I asked to see something “different”. What was presented? A nine carat purple pink spinel. It was wicked. It was delicious, delightful and decadent.


Spinels are not well known yet they are beautiful, durable, natural and less expensive than other gems of comparable color saturation.

There is a lab created spinel material which is used in cheap birthstone or other mass produced jewelry. So unfortunately, this may create confusion or lessen the perceived value of real spinel.

Jewelers, however, love real spinels because of their hardness, clarity and beauty. Red spinels have in fact been compared to rubies, yet spinels are often more brilliant.

Spinels are the gem stones jewelers buy and keep tucked away in their safes for their own personal viewing and collecting pleasure. Interested in a spinel? Call us.

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