4th Jun 2013

Good Karma

Rock of Eden was formed with one simple idea: love to give. Sure, it’s a nice slogan for gift giving because making someone feel special is just plain “happy,” as my girlfriend, Katie, would say. But today, we feel giddy.

We are launching our second love to give charity effort and feeling great about it. We are partnering with charity: water to help raise more money for building ground wells for clean water in developing countries who don’t have it.

charity_water charity_water2

About one billion people per day don’t have clean water. One baby dies every nineteen seconds from a water related disease. Can you imagine not having clean water available less than ten steps away at your faucet?

We have family in New York who were without power and water during Hurricane Sandy for a couple of days – boy were they miserable. Understandably so. Still…imagine walking three hours a day to the nearest swamp, pond or river for a few gallons of water.

The way we see it, if we have the ability to enjoy a few luxuries once in awhile, we need to help others out with the basics. Basics like clean water. And we like these charity: water guys – they’ve been doing it for awhile and they’re proven.


Clean water is good karma.

To help Rock of Eden Fine Jewelry support charity: water by purchasing a karma necklace, click here. If you prefer to make a direct donation to charity: water and skip the necklace, click here.With each karma necklace purchase, Rock of Eden Fine Jewelry will directly donate $65 to water project costs, funding long-lasting clean water solutions for people in need. When the projects are finished, charity: water will provide the exact communities we’ve helped using photos and GPS coordinates.

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” -W.H. Auden

-Rock of Eden, love to give


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