18th Nov 2014

Holiday Trends and Gift Ideas

That feeling is in the air. The Holidays are beginning. Beautiful lights are being put up in the American sprawl of retail malls – malls never look better than this time of year. Boutiques are busting out some of their specialty gift items. We love this gold spiked ball from Nuance Boutique. It’s very Kelly Wearstler feeling in design. Home décor, according to owner Lisa McDennon, is still going Coastal: meaning organic, cool and modern. (Rock of Eden jewelry selects will be at Nuance again very soon)


Antique French, White Sapphire Bracelet, circa 1910

Yes, that happens to be one of our Rock of Eden favorites perched on this spike object from Nuance. It’s a French, white sapphire bracelet. Try to find another bracelet like it. Impossible.

Decorating the home, planning a great menu and party, and of course the great outfits to go with it, begin anew. Time to freshen things up. Think jewel tones, carefully chosen gifts and an unusual cocktail libation that gets the conversation going.

What’s trending now for gifts? Objects for home décor. Hats of all kinds, both formal and informal. We recently trend spotted a black beanie with a perky bow on top for a great street style look. Jewelry, at all different price levels, is on the majority of shopping lists too.

InStyle Magazine recently did a mini-feature on double coil watches. Elizabeth Taylor used to have one and Swatch is re-commissioning something like it. Bulgari is known for carrying them. We love the Rock of Eden double coil bubble watch below.


Vintage, Gold Retro, Bubble Bracelet

Earring hoops with an original twist are a terrific find as well. We love these hoops recently added to our shop from Parulina, in eighteen carat pink gold, yellow gold, or white gold. They have a “thorn” edge to them that is soft but “edgy”.


Eighteen Carat, Yellow, White or Pink Gold Hoops

Whether choosing a great decorating item to jazz up the home décor, or choosing a personal gift item think on-trend with a certain unique style that feels original, yet easy.

Galeries Lafayette is breaking new ground with its upside down Christmas tree!

Galeries Lafayette is breaking new ground with its upside down Christmas tree!

Leave it to Galeries Lafayette, Paris, to think outside the box for the Holidays. Their annual Christmas tree fete for their shopping mall is an upside down tree!

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