27th Feb 2014

House of Cards: crazy good stuff + fashion


Okay, while the Oscar nominated movies are always fun to see we can’t help but digress to the television series, House of Cards. It is the story of an aspiring political power couple, the Underwoods, filled with riveting political intrigue that includes a very strategic, shrewd plot line for both characters.

The wife, portrayed by Robin Wright Penn, and the husband, by Kevin Spacey, relish the game of gaining power, sometimes for good and sometimes for well, more power. Adding Robin Wright Penn to the mix is a stroke of genius. She simmers where Frank (Spacey) boils and her wardrobe perfectly personifies who she is.

She’s calm, sophisticated and equally ruthless in her own way. And her slim perfectly tailored a-line dresses and pencil skirts are spare, sexy and elegant (we could argue that this is the new normal for work day wardrobes for women executives–not a suit to be seen). Her fashion choices reflect a modernity to the work ensemble that we all crave: sleek, fresh luxury without fussy, overworked details. Forget deconstructed shapes and layers – opt for great clean lines and form fitting excellence without cleavage distraction.

Naturally, Rock of Eden would accessorize with appropriate jewelry such as the oxidized white gold and diamond encrusted hoops which are just the right size. Or the rose gold encased, emerald cut, white sapphires and silver spikes– we know Claire Underwood has an edgy side but of course would never flaunt it.

Already previewed all the Oscar movie picks? Cheer up and discover this uber cool new series if it’s still under your radar. The writing draws from historical political events while entwining current topics of debate such as how much data does the government have on us, who gets to access it and how powerful is the FBI and the CIA in controlling it? And that’s just one episode.

It’s unusual to find a film (it feels like a movie not a television episode) that stirs the senses of the visual aesthetic (Penn) along with keen story intellect and intrigue all in one deliciously wicked brew. More, please.

Thankfully, Netflix released season two all at once. Spoiler alert: it might make this year’s lot of Oscar movies seem a bit tame.

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