15th Nov 2013

Inspiration – jewelry and wallpaper


Wallpaper is the inspiration for this post. Seriously.

Today we are interviewing Dana Agamalian, creative director of Rinekwall. Dana and her partner use running photographic images to create unusual, striking and original wallpaper designs. Some of these designs are featured at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum of New York.

Dana is also an interior designer and has a penchant for fashion and fine jewelry. We’ll find out if there’s a common thread that drives her distinctively different design choices and if it influences her jewelry choices as well.

Who would have guessed wallpaper could inspire? At Rock of Eden, we believe great art and design fuels inspiration and creativity. The result: undeniably great feelings of goodwill which often lead to yet another idea. Sometimes it leads to a mysterious déjà vu feeling that just feels… right even if not fully explainable.

The exploration of jewelry that is unusually beautiful is part of that positive energy discovery train. (We suspect it releases endorphins but that is conjecture on our part.)

So, believe it or not, can’t wait to go discover wallpaper and the inspiration behind it today. We are always in the hunt for great art and any connection it might have, directly or indirectly, with jewelry. Stay tuned!

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