31st Oct 2014

Introducing Another Great Jewelry Designer

Once again, we have a bold new jewelry designer coming to Rock of Eden very soon. Her name is Mrs. T and she comes from Beirut. Think of her as a saucy, younger version of Sophia Loren who also happens to love glasses. She owns about seventy of them.

MrsT headshot

Her first jewelry “design” was a pair of earrings made from a piece of “balsa” wood painted in pink and stuck to her ears with double sided tape.

She is a firebrand of a designer who loves to find the “trigger moment” in designing – a moment of inspiration -and she runs with it.

A sneak preview is provided below. Think different shapes and sizes of cognac and black diamonds, seemingly random, yet they form a cohesive shape through a raw palette of stones. We have picked our favorites and they will be online soon. So, stay tuned!


Corniche Beirut

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