17th Jan 2014

Jewelry Accessories 2014

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.“– Coco Chanel

We take pride in following trends but not being slave to them– Coco Chanel called it style.

Here are our top suggestions for jewelry accessories for 2014:

1. Retire the bead wraps and braided wraps or slim them down to one or two mixed with a nice bangle or cuff. They look tired and dirty after awhile.

2. Acquire a cuff if you haven’t already. Cuffs never go out of style. Gold prices are down from record levels so this might be a good time to consider a gold cuff but a pretty silver one or black rhodium plated cuff is great too.


3. Add a dash of deep Magenta pink somewhere in the mix – it’s a fresh twist of color in jewelry. (There are many previous and semi precious ways to go with pink so SKIP glass or artificial stones.)

Pink Tourmaline and Spike Necklace

Turquoise, Diamond, Pink Tourmaline 18 Carat Earrings

4. With prints and flowers emerging for Spring wardrobe basics consider upgrading a turquoise piece to designer turquoise (avoid the southwestern style of turquoise unless going for a cowgirl vibe)

Turquoise, Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

Turquoise, Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

Yellow Gold Rutillated Quartz Spike Earrings

Consider spikes with flowers so that the total wardrobe isn’t too sweet.

5. Link bracelets are back. Consider adding one or several for a great classic look.



7. Stacking rings in rose, yellow and white gold are simple, beautiful and easy to wear. Have you added more yet?

8. Find something geometric and pair it with navy. Silver geometric jewelry is a great break from prints and flowers. You may even have something tucked away like this not worn in awhile.

9. A retro clutch. They were seen everywhere at the Golden Globes.

10. Thanks to the Oscar nominated movie, American Hustle, the 18-22″ gold necklace is back. Amy Adams looked fantastic in the plunging neckline with necklace ensemble!
Add a new talisman necklace to your collection or simply opt for a longer chain.

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