13th Sep 2013

Jewelry: For the love of stones

I was at Roseark in Los Angeles, this week, (our spike collection is carried by them) and was sharing some design ideas with Jill Hoffmeister, their phenomenal store manager.

Anyway, several years ago I had purchased a beautiful line of graduated, square cut tourmalines. Rick Rose walked by (store owner and amazing designer in his own right) and he stopped dead in his tracks when he spied these stones. “I admit it”, he said, “I love stones”!


It dawned on me that often, in jewelry design, it is the love of a stone that inspires. Some call us “rock hounds”, which means we are always searching for that interesting stone that makes us lust (salivate!) for it. It is a magnetic pull that causes one to stop, stare and revel in the raw power of that rock. I hereby confess to such leanings.

My particular fondness is for antique cut stones as opposed to some of the newer cuts so commonly found today (such as radiant cut).


Radiant Cut

The modern pieces in our Rock of Eden collection are often special stones that we have sourced from dealers who have taken the time to put together small parcels of say, step cut trillions, or French cut diamonds, or natural colored stones.

Old mine cut diamonds, Old Single cuts and European cut diamonds are also beautiful and more rare. They are connoisseur stones and of course, pricier, but worth it for key pieces or signature designs that speak to you.


Old Single Cut and Old European Cut

We prefer natural colored stones as opposed to heated (often called “cooked) stones because they are closer to their natural properties from the earth. The color of a natural stone is often more mysterious, less perfect and brilliant – it has a more organic feeling and the color is often deeper, more saturated. Being natural rather than heated means that the stone is not perfect but it is far more alluring– think Audrey Hepburn and her little crooked smile, perhaps!

This rose gold eternity band for example has old diamond trillions in it. This is a Rock of Eden original design and believe it or not, it’s comfortable to wear.

Rose gold eternity band

Rose gold eternity band with old diamond trillions, a Rock of Eden original. *Custom Order Only

This pyramid ring has large 5.5 mm step-cut trillions on four sides (antique stones which we are not likely to find again). Step cut trillions!! These are not made today because there would be so much lost stone in the faceting of the edged, step-cuts.


Pyramid ring with large 5.5 mm step-cut trillions on four sides *Available

Using old or antique stones is the ultimate in recycling and soucing of ethical stones which is always a good thing too. But if you love jewelry, often it is because there is an inner “rock hound” speaking to you. Just be careful not to drool.

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