20th Dec 2013

Jewelry themes of infinity, immortality and transcendence

We decided to delve deeper into the subject of infinity because we get so many hits on our web site from it (not all for jewelry but that’s okay).

Infinity, the concept of never ending, is closely tied with romantic themes of love. The love of a child, a parent or a partner at times can be engulfing, infinitely deep or transcendent in feeling- meaning a feeling that goes beyond this moment of time and space.

Infinity is closely related to themes of immortality– that of life beyond this life. Historically, cultures as far back as the Aztecs have celebrated the concept of the soul or that of life everlasting. Christians celebrate life beyond death as represented by the biblical belief of the soul ascending to heaven after the physical body dies. The Mexican culture has long celebrated departed souls and their continued journey after death through the use of colorfully decorated skulls and marigolds and altars of offerings that included food, jewelry or other special objects loved by the departed. Likewise, Egyptian tombs also carried totems unique to the individual for their safe journey beyond.

It is human nature to love life deeply and to hope that this journey continues. There are symbols across many cultures that reflect it right up to the present day.

‘Memento Mori’ hand-made mechanical watch by Fiona Krüger


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