30th Aug 2014

Kudo’s to one special customer

We recently had a repair for a beautiful hand forged mesh bracelet with 22 carat gold hammered clasps and white topaz briolets. It’s one of those items that never made it to the web site because the photography just couldn’t capture it. A customer fell in love with it at one of our boutiques and purchased it. She couldn’t get it out of her mind. (We’ve written about how talisman-like, jewelry can be!)

Months later, some how, this client tore some of the links and lost some stones. She was very gracious about it and completely understanding about the fact that there would be a repair charge. She simply wanted her piece back because she loved it so much. We were holding our breath to make sure we could get the same quality stones and restore the piece because, well, you never know what can happen.

It took awhile but we did it and our customer was absolutely thrilled. In our opinion, that’s the difference¬† between owning a designer jewelry piece and a more mainstream item. You love it so much you “baby” it as you go when you need to – kind of like owning and maintaing a fine watch.

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