4th Jun 2014

Las Vegas – Jewelry Show 2014 Highlights

This year was a whirlwind tour but well worth it. We went to scour both JCK and the Couture show for possible new jewelry designers to add to our lineup. Stay tuned, we found a few interesting possibilities.

We also went to check out any great finds in the antique and vintage jewelry arena. Really good material in antiquities is getting harder and harder to find. For example, we found this great Art Deco emerald ring but the side stones, under the loop, were chipped and sure to fall out.


The pieces in the kind of condition we like to buy were asking top dollar but for good reason. It’s practically impossible to replace. We like this 18 karat matte gold bracelet by the famous New Jersey maker, Riker. It has perfectly set diamonds and sapphires all the way around and all-in-all is a tailored classic. Riker bracelets are very collectible and have only increased in price over time.

And of course the tour would not be complete without looking at loose stones and meeting new stone cutters. We rekindled some old relationships and made a few new ones including some great guys who only deal in natural, non-heat treated GIA or AGL certified stones (something we have written about for stones over three carats).

Both JCK and Couture have design awards (we will enter one of these days, but curating and designing is a full time job). A few highlights of our favorites are below. Whether it be a space age looking gold and diamond bracelet or finely detailed, gold cut out chandelier earrings, these pieces often proved to be daring in design, use of materials or production techniques.



We also posted a more complete roster of Couture favorites in our Facebook album. Check it out and enjoy at your leisure.

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