4th May 2013

Love to Give

At Rock of Eden, we love to give.


Throughout history, gift giving has often been associated with much more than just materialism. The social experience outshines the actual act of having a materialistic item.

For thousands of years, some native cultures have engaged in a complex ceremony that celebrates extreme giving, called the potlatch. Cultural interpretations do vary, but the status of a given family in a clan or village was often dictated not by who had the most possessions, but instead by who gave away the most.


We may not go to such extremes now, but research has shown that giving gifts still holds more value than receiving, or buying for oneself.

In a 2008 study from the University of British Columbia, students given money to spend on others reported greater happiness than students instructed to spend the same amount on themselves. Gifting is more than just giving an item – its creating an experience between the giver and receiver. Many people will agree that an experience is better than stuff.

According to the Wall Street Journal, to be a successful gifter, a person usually needs to get inside the head of the intended recipient. Because we can’t all read minds, we’ve created a unique gifting experience at Rock of Eden called the Gift Giving Circle. Create your wish list, tell us the most important dates and people in your life, and we do the rest. We’ve also created a Mother’s Day gift giving guide, for those who have trouble reading their mothers’ mind.


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