5th Aug 2013

Meanwhile, in Paris (part one)


The white square in the background is an office building.  Seriously!

As you may have guessed from some of the fashion and jewelry bits lately, I am in Paris on vacation as well as making the rounds to see what’s going on with jewelry.

I hope you have enjoyed some of the photos on Instagram and Facebook of street styles and jewelry. I found the street styles of “ordinary women” to be more interesting than the high fashion shown elsewhere.

Here are some other, random observations.

1.Parisians are actually very kind if you take the time to speak a little french first.

2. Art and inspiration is everywhere: building murals, old wooden doors, exhibits, clothing and women’s jewelry.


3. Le petit dejeuner (breakfast) does not include eggs. Whoopsy.

4. Many women have a colored bra that peeks out from under their shirts in colors like dark teal, mulberry or ruby red.

5. Women do not wear low cut clothes or have over sized breasts spilling out.

6. Iced coffee is too complicated to get – it’s just not done here.
7. Women usually choose a statement ring or bracelet or necklace to wear and rarely wear more than two items.

locketSterling silver locket from www.rockofeden.com, works with street style fashion in Paris or the USA.


Modern, acrylic and gold leaf necklace from Paris window shopping.
a bientot!

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