12th Aug 2013

Meanwhile, in Paris (part two)

This is our list of random observations from Paris, part two, don’t forget to like us on Facebook if you’ve enjoyed our Paris notes.

1.The most amazing fireworks ever: Bastille day at the Eiffel Tower where the fireworks are set to music (French, American, rock, jazz, techno) plus the Eiffel tower itself is lit in various ways and colors. The whole thing lasts 45 minutes- super!


2. Sales are regulated by the French government and there are only two per year: January and July.  These sales are worth planning a vacation around!
3. There are so many cute shoes made for walking. I love the French brand Pataugas and was happy to have hit their sale month. (I think Parisians stay slim from walking)



4. The children are steeped in culture early on- museums and exhibits are free for the kids.

5. It is very common to read a book alone at le cafe. The waiters don’t rush you as long as you order a little something.

6. The park at Jardin du Luxembourg has a stand up swing (it would never be allowed in the States). Super fun!

7. Monet’s garden and lily pond were more beautiful than his paintings. Why not discover beauty in all things? Monet did. (That may just become our new Rock of Eden tagline!)


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