18th Apr 2014

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Show Mom Love

It’s nearly that time again – Mother’s Day! Rock of Eden has curated some gift ideas from our shop that we think would make great Mother’s Day gifts.

For Mother’s Day we say, think: classic with a twist. Gifts that are versatile and wearable are great for moms and the “twist” is the unique aspect to the gift that shows mom we really thought about it.
Best of all, this kind of original gift gives mom (or grandmother) bragging rights. What mom doesn’t want to brag about her thoughtful and creative _______________ fill in the blank; son, daughter, son-in-law or daughter in law!

A few ideas for Mother’s Day that might inspire you and create those bragging rights include:

1. A unique vintage clutch – these are always memorable and a great conversation piece.


2. Earrings – we keep our earrings light weight and have many styles from classic to edgy.


3. Bracelets – women love bracelets! They are fast and easy to put on and off and accessorizing with a few can really make an outfit pop. A few silver and gold bracelets are shown below and we have more on our web site.

We love the asymmetrical pearl bangle designed for the working woman…one side of the bracelet can rest on the desk top for computer work, it’s a modern classic. The chunky vintage Ralph Lauren bracelet never goes out of style either.


A wider selection of Mother’s Day gifts can be found here.

To receive special pricing on these memorable gifts with a twist that mom will love to brag about for years to come, see our Mother’s Day Special.

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