25th Nov 2013

Nine golden rings

One of our most popular jewelry items, desired by girls and women of all ages, is our nine gold stacking infinity rings (three rose gold, three yellow gold and three white gold).

They’re simple yet incredibly pretty stacked on one finger, or several. Our customers add more over time- the more they stack, the more impact they have creating a very feminine, global look.


The circle is infinite, never ending, a symbol of love. These nine stacking, unadorned bands can be worn as a reminder of nine specfic things to be grateful for. This comes in pretty handy on a bad day when those beautiful bands of gratitude reflect back at you.

The funny thing is by starting with nine reasons to be grateful, suddenly it becomes clear that there’s an abundance of people, places or things to appreciate and further, that there’s work to be done in expressing that feeling back in some way.

Thanksgiving is a moment in time to take stock of all the blessings in our lives but we believe gratitude, ideally, is a daily thing– and in fact the secret to loving life. These elegant gold rings are reminders all year round that there is an infinite number of possibilities to acknowledge with gratitude.

Whether a gift to self or a Christmas gift, these rings reflect our philosophy at Rock of Eden: find beauty in all things.

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