24th Apr 2014

One in 10,000


Did you know that one in 10,000 diamonds is natural in its color?

Champagne diamonds range in color from blush pink to pale straw, light gold, cognac and brown. The range of shades is a wonder to enjoy and a melee of these stones is like a lush carpet of champagne bubbles.


The colors of champagne diamonds emerge through the presence of trace elements and distortions in the crystal itself. Whenever possible opt for a natural colored stone even if it means going for a slightly smaller size. It will hold and gain value far better than enhanced stones. (Unfortunately most consumers sacrifice color or naturalness in favor of a larger stone.)

Below is a natural fancy intense pink diamond ring that will be featured in Rock of Eden’s Connoisseurs’ choice discussion very soon. It is a natural, GIA certified .72 carat diamond flanked by two old European rounds of about the same size. This is a modern, period design and a Rock of Eden original.


For more information on natural color diamonds check out the natural color diamond association website at www.ncdia.com

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