27th Jun 2014

Organic Glam

The House of Design Exhibit at the Strand, in Dana Point, CA was a visual feast to savor this year. Renowned interior designers, (including our very own friend, Nuance Boutique owner, Lisa McDennon) came together to decorate a palatial home with proceeds benefitting the Philharmonic Orchestra of Orange County.

The home featured gentle yet powerful colors including a deep sea green and pebble palate for the exterior with deeper hues of malachite green and ocean blues inside– harmonious– truly!

There were several “organic glam” accents including geodes, back lit stones and petrified wood tables accented with furniture pieces such as oxidized zinc, an antiqued mirror table and a carved blonde Polynesian love seat. A slab of onyx was placed in one shower wall without any tile or fuss surrounding it and it was masterfully simple and stunning. It was by Lisa McDennon.

This kind of decor elevates the concept of Coastal Cool to a more global level. Organic elements with high finishes and sophisticated uses make any home feel more natural and grounded without seeming too crunchy-hippy.

Lisa  McDennon College 1

Naturally we were thrilled. Rock of Eden’s buying aesthetic in many ways is that of organic glam. It’s no stretch of the imagination to envision the inhabitants of the House of Design wearing any of our modern pieces while “chilling” in this lovely home celebrating the joy of fiery sunsets and gentle sunrises in Dana Point, California.

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