21st Oct 2014

Oscar De La Renta – a tribute

Last week, on Instagram, we mentioned Oscar De La Renta as one of our favorite designers at the Harvesters runway show in Orange County, California. His dresses were among many other beautiful contenders, including Christian Dior and Gucci and Versace. photo

But when his dresses hit the stage it was a whole new MOMENT. They were powerful, saturated colors of ruby and embroidered gold and coral. His fashion embodied the two characteristics Mr. De La Renta is quoted for liking most in women: confidence and kindness. Wearing bold colors requires confidence. The soft femininity of all of his dresses is in a word, kind, to the female form. Each and every model bopped out onto the runway feeling confident and beautiful and it radiated from their pores. He was the only designer that incorporated jewelry accessories in the form of bold fringe earrings into the ensembles– that final detail that others missed.


As is known by now, Mr. De La Renta died of cancer yesterday. It seems he was not controversial or ego-centric. He was very supportive of women and assumed the first female US president is eminent. He was proud of being an American designer and of introducing black models to the runway as well as models moving to music on the runway – something the French had not done yet. He designed George Clooney’s wife, Amal Alamuddin Clooney’s, wedding dress. In the final fitting he is reported to have pulled out a pair of embroidered and beaded pumps planned for his 2015 show. Unceremoniously, he handed them to her to complete her wedding attire. His death is the passing of a kind soul and a lovely man who also loved and excelled at fashion design.


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