5th Sep 2014

The Philosophy of Beauty: from Cocktails to Nature

“There is nothing quite like the sight of a beautiful woman.”

This quote is from a conversation overheard at a bar between two men. The conversation was a statement between two friends, nothing more. Their chat drifted to other topics from there.

In that moment it struck me that it’s a simple fact that the beauty of a woman is revered in all cultures and maybe that’s why women, most of all, get to enjoy the notion “beauty” in all the forms she so chooses. Why wouldn’t she want to experience it herself; to find beauty in all things?

Mary Oliver, a nature lover and poet answers this question, in her own way, in the piece below.


The look on her face in a dream
Stayed with me all day
Like a promise I had failed.

Not that I had made any–
Not that I could remember–
But she was looking into the north

Where nothing lives but white clouds
Of crying birds, like bits of snow.
and the grass on which she was standing,

And the roses thick on the fences
were soft and bright, able to renew themselves
As a woman, finally, cannot do.

We may age but our precious “things” and their memories do not. Culturally, why not revel at the sight of beauty in all its forms? After all, it lifts us up from daily reminders of our own mortality.


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