7th Sep 2014

Project Runway Features an Eye Toward Accessories First, Fashion Second!

If we must have reality shows, let them be talent based. One of our favorite shows is Project Runway. It is a show where fashion designers, who have yet to break out, are presented a challenge and asked to design around it.

Two weeks ago the challenge was to create an evening look that would complement and accent a fabulous piece of Chopard jewelry.

It is a terrific example of how the total look is made far better by considering the accessory first.


This black spinel and ruby necklace won the challenge. (We have written about how delicious and beautiful spinels can be in other blogs.)

The black on black works and the unusual coat fabric pattern, at floor length, works to frame the entire look and the jewelry within it. There were other fabulous examples of this in this particular episode but this one truly stood out from all the others. Everyone was shocked at just how well black spinel on black stood out.

Whether it’s a multi-million dollar big brand piece or not, taking the time to plan the ensemble around a great accessory makes a difference. Don’t let your accessories be an afterthought! Go through your jewelry box and plan a wardrobe around a piece or two. It’s a great way to evaluate shopping purchases as well. Only invest in nice clothing that will accent and complement your jewelry.

Even a great white shirt and jeans can drown out a beautiful statement accessory if the proportions aren’t right.

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