23rd Jul 2014

What Do Punk Rock and Fashion Have in Common?

Okay, so money doesn’t buy love. Or happiness. But it is a well known fact that endorphins are released when people are working out, in love, or shopping. Perhaps this is why there are so many online shoppers.

Happiness is a word that exists in every language. What defines happiness? Naturally it’s different for everyone. A walk on the beach.
The act of creating art, or a financial spreadsheet. For some it’s a great piece of jewelry that has a story behind it or that one is drawn to intuitively.

Our Rock of Eden modern collection was inspired from the notion that we all have an inner side that wants to walk on the wild side.
Spikes and body piercings may have originated with the punk movement but it’s interesting to see how it has carried over. Designers such as Hermes and Valentino feature interesting stud accessories and shoes and we never seem to tire of it. All sweetness without a little spice is just too boring even for “nice girls.”


As a foot note, having just finished the Keith Richards/Rolling Stones biography, we were very amused to see that he wore a skull ring and a large silver link bracelet for what appears to be decades. He would occasionally give a good friend one of his jewelry pieces as sign of friendship. Love that!

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