16th Oct 2013

The raw jewelry trend


Okay, the “raw look” is all the rage and has been for quite awhile now. You know, rough cut stones where a little less white and a little more grey is acceptable, color wise.

Hmmmm…wait a minute isn’t this what some of the old stuff was like? That would be: YES. Check out this antique (est. late 1800’s) rose cut cross above. Yep, uneven facets, beautiful off-white color and great oxidized silver patina.

We found this in Paris several years ago and have not seen one as chunky or pretty since. It’s not on the web site because…well, some things just never quite make it there. (If you really want to inquire about it email us)

My theory: we all have ancestral pull when it comes to the totems we are drawn to. Rock of Eden just helps us connect the dots a bit more.

Antique jewelry absolutely informs modern designs. Here are a few modern, in-the-raw pieces by Rock of Eden.

Hammered Silver Black South Sea Pearl Pinwheel Bracelet

Black Rhodium Hammered Hoop Earrings with Single Cut Diamonds

Black Rhodium Diamond Cuff Bracelet

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