22nd Feb 2014

Re-defining Luxury Just May Re-define Ourselves

Is luxury jewelry relevant in an age of moderation? For the “one-percent” out there post 2008, derivatives crash, it may not be an issue. For the rest of us: we don’t want to give up on luxury, we just want to be smarter about it and perhaps re-define it.

Rock of Eden delivers timeless, innovative jewelry choices that are well priced. Some of our one-percent friends are also very discerning shoppers and they’re happy to have discovered us too. We believe luxury today is more streamlined, elegant and original. Women are less concerned with brand names and more trusting of their own sense of style much like the fashion era of the 1930’s.

A Decade of Defiance - WSJ.com

A Decade of Defiance – WSJ.com

Recently we came across a great article by Laura Jacobs, of the Wall Street Journal, called “A Decade of Defiance“. It is about the “new normal” of the 1930’s after the stock market crash of 1929. It features fashion highlights of the new exhibit at the Museum at FIT – Elegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashions of the 1930’s. In many ways, the fashion of the time delivers the plot line for the era: easy does it, but not without style. The dresses discussed by Ms. Jacobs can be summed up as minimalist with less decoration and with draping of fabrics comfortably to reveal the figure artfully.”…dresses they produced are geometric wonders of timeless fluidity.”

The above evening gown from 1934, by Augustabernard, is Grecian in form and spirals with a simple ease that, no doubt, was calming for the era. Interestingly, the jewelry about this time was the beginning of the end of the Art Deco era where jewelry was geometric and bold and diamond and bracelet watches were in vogue. These pieces were at their peak in 1925 before the crash of 1929. And to this day, Art Deco jewelry of 1925 is still considered to be some of the most collectible jewelry in the world. One great example of this style of jewelry is an Art Deco bracelet carried by Rock of Eden (sold), previously written about.

One of the reasons we love modern jewelry is that it is more minimalist and sleek, such as this french cut diamond, rose gold and platinum wedding ring by Rock of Eden. The stones glitter outrageously and the design is geometric and layered in mixed metals. It is subtle and refined.


Jewelry is an art form that allows us to dream and to live a bit of the dream just as the beautiful post-depression dresses of the 1930’s allowed women a new normal filled with re-defined beauty and elegance potentially surpassing the flash of the pre-depression era. Maybe the new normal helps us re-define our sense of luxury and beauty thereby helping us to re-write our own plot line as we navigate the times ahead.

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