13th Feb 2014

Red is the Color of Blood, Danger, Passion & Anger

Red is the color associated with passion, fire, danger, energy and anger. It’s no accident that Valentine’s cards are typically red. The most valuable ruby is often considered to be pigeon blood red.


In China, red symbolizes prosperity and happiness and Asian bridal costumes are often red. In India, bridal dresses typically include a red sash, called the sari of blood, symbolizing that the father’s duties, or blood relation, is being turned over to the new husband. If the husband should die for some reason, the wife would wear a white sash.

The color red in Africa has mixed perceptions according to region. For some it is symbolic of life and death. Others, smear red paint on their bodies to prepare for war or life affirming dance rituals.

Culturally, the color red is not a passive one. So as far as Valentine’s Day goes, it may very well turn out to be emotionally charged, to which we can only say, “good luck!”

Gold Horse Charm For a Necklace or Bracelet

The year 2014 on the Chinese Zodiac calendar is the year of the horse. Just like the color red, the horse is not passive- they are energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able. This fourteen carat gold, galloping horse charm is highly detailed on both sides. It is suitable as a charm for a bracelet or pendant.

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