14th May 2013

Remember Your Loved Ones

“A close friend of mine lost her only child years ago, but she is still a Mother in my book. Every Mother’s Day I make a point to honor her courage, and this year I gifted her with a remember necklace from Rock of Eden.” -Stephany


The remember necklace is a considerate and sensitive way to show your love and support to anyone who has lost someone dear to them. Whether it be a child, parent, grandparent, friend, teacher, or pet, everyone deals with loss in their life. The necklace is a reminder to those going through grief not to focus on the fact that their loved one is gone, but to remember all the positive memories they shared.


For every remember necklace purchased, Rock of Eden donates $50.00 directly to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund to help grieving families in Newtown, CT deal with their recent losses. The silver and dark grey rhodium remember necklace is available at http://www.rockofeden.com/the-remember-campaign/remember-necklace.html


We aren’t the only ones who like the remember necklace. Laguna Beach Magazine does, too!

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