29th Oct 2013

Rings for other fingers


The right hand ring finger is a fave of ours for that beautiful cocktail ring, fun ring, anniversary or birthday ring. The wearer can always enjoy the piece when it is a ring or a bracelet because it can be seen without a mirror.

Rings are iconoclastic because they usually have a very personal meaning to the wearer. And of course the ring itself is a closed, infinite circle which often means boundless, unending love.

The rings above were all chosen because they are rings that could be worn every day, yet they are also beautiful, unique and original – our trademark at Rock of Eden fine jewelry.
An interesting trend is the choice of non-traditional rings such as those above for wedding or engagement rings.

What about more rings, stacked rings and rings on other fingers? This gets a little trickier. We love stacking gold bands of various golds mixed with other rings because they won’t “fight” with a statement piece.

Nine Gold Stacking Infinity Rings

Is this too much or just right?

Several rings on one hand, like a flower arrangement, still need a focal point. This photo shows many rings and arguably, there is a focal point (pinky ring). Does it work? Hmmmm…still too much in our humble opinion.

Now one option that doesn’t require a focal point is that of stackable bands (mostly skinny ones) with or without diamonds that can be worn on all fingers including the thumb. There are many cultures where this is the norm.

We love mixing these kinds of minimalist gold bands with and around other rings- it’s fresh and easy and adds a contemporary attitude.

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