6th Sep 2013

Rock of Eden jewelry, discovers gold

The best gold of all- people!

The best gold of all- people!

While I was at a jewelry trade show this summer, I noticed a name tag from Burlingame CA (San Francisco area) where I have friends and family. The next thing you know I’ve discovered an amazing woman behind that tag. Her name is Amy Roseveare and she is a certified personal stylist AND also a jewelry blogger. Eureka — we’ve struck gold!

September 9, Amy will guest blog for us about buying jewelry online. According to Amy you start by knowing your own personal style and understanding when a piece of jewelry is worth the investment and when it isn’t. Hmmm…sounds like it could be overwhelming, right?

Not at all. Amy’s experience clearly comes into play. She provides concrete examples from our very own collection at [insert rock of Eden back link] along with great tips on how you make fashion and jewelry accessorizing work for you.

Ever wondered when to purchase an antique or modern piece of jewelry? Amy sheds some light here too.

Check out Amy’s web site at jewelryfashiontips.com  and be sure to look up her blog here, September 9 — it’s a great way to start thinking about the Fall season without “fashion anxiety”!


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