5th Dec 2013

A Rose in the form of the rose cut diamond


Rose cut diamonds get their name from the rose, literally. These stones are domed shaped and the facets, three up to twenty four, meet at the point of the center to form the tip of the rose bud. The bottom is flat unlike most diamonds today, which have a culet designed to refract light back up through the crown.

Rose cut diamonds are more of a “candlelight” diamond. They are soft, glowy and ethereal. This cut emerged as early as the 1500’s and are in vogue today. A friend of ours who works in a veritable art gallery of fine jewelry, RoseArk, where Rock of Eden also exhibits, chose two rose cuts for her engagement ring.

We particularly love this rose cut cross offered exclusively at Rock of Eden because the color is a very clean white. Many rose cuts are grey, which is also pretty, but white is on par excellence!


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