25th Sep 2014

Say, aaaaaah

As promised here is the long awaited, show stopping cuff that debuts in Paris this morning. To learn more about the creation of the piece, read on.


One of the joys of jewelry design is the process of creating. This champagne diamond “bondage” cuff began with the idea of extending this popular and beautiful pyramid ring.


Cuffs can be heavy and annoying. We wanted a design that felt light to wear but that was also dramatic and original. The ring mounting is so comfortable and light we decided to carry it over to the bracelet. Diamonds on the face of each pyramid would not work in this case (those would be some rocks!). Champagne diamonds underneath the pyramid basket however works beautifully.

We used a 22 carat gold vermeil to give it a rich old world color and look. (This piece is also available in solid gold.)

Often, jewelry is fussy and over-designed in our opinion. So we always think about editing for the purposes of eliminating details rather than adding to it.

We felt this bracelet would be very pretty if we stopped here. But we decided to push if further and explore a few embellishments knowing we can always take them out.

The metal holding the champagne diamonds is slightly oxidized providing a richer contrast while accenting the stones. We liked the idea of black diamond and gold chains draped from the piece to complement the oxidized gold and champagne diamonds but didn’t know if we would like it in actual physical form. We aren’t a fan of wrist chain rings so we assumed this idea would not survive. In the interest of design exploration we made the black diamond chains anyway.

To our surprise the three chains (two black diamond and one onyx) added another great dimension in color as well as movement. Say, aaaaah! We loved it.

Originally we were going to hang the chains from the center of the bracelet but then moved the knobs to the bottom of the bracelet so that they didn’t interfere with the side views of the diamonds.

The knobs introduced a new circle motif that we felt needed to be repeated in some way for design cohesiveness. We decided to put a single round champagne diamond at the top and sides of the bracelet joints which added the pattern repeat needed. These embellishments, along with the nesting chains, were refinements that we felt were still spare yet dramatic. This piece will be one of our signature pieces for years to come.

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