21st Nov 2013

Thinking outside the jewelry box



We met with Dana Agamalian, creative director of Rinekwall last week. Rinekwall is a wallpaper firm that uses running photographic images for original and innovative wallpaper design, two of which are featured at the Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design in New York. Her original designs can be used on fabric, ceramic, mirrors, even neoprene.




We loved chatting with Dana, a self-described, avant guard designer. We wondered, will her jewelry live up to the brazen slash of originality embodied in her wallpaper? Dana is definitely someone who thinks outside the box and that includes the jewelry box.


Dana loves her rhinestone and scarab necklace right along with the real life scarabs her kids have "gifted" her.

Dana loves her rhinestone and scarab necklace right along with the real life scarabs her kids have “gifted” her.


Dana’s taste are eclectic and random or as she puts it “I’m Cybil!” She shops all over the world and loves to browse the Men’s Department for some of her fashion pieces as well as cool jewelry pieces. What fuels her? Well, she grew up with parents who loved art and her mother’s aunt drew pen and ink portraits of famous actors and actresses many of which adorn jewel-box like rooms and niches of her own home. Dana switched from art to art history because she knew in her gut her teacher had no right to tell her what “correct art” was. Love it!



Art history runs in the family


Like most jewelry “passionistas” Dana loves her jewelry collection because each piece has a story and a memory as to why she fell in love with it in the first place. The Zen of Beautiful Jewelry

Her jewelry preferences in order of priority are: earrings, right hand ring, left arm bracelet or double cuffs. We loved some of her double cuff sets especially the old Mexican silver ones which look absolutely fresh and modern. Double cuffs were worn in Victorian times- the first bracelet was typically a gift for engagement and the second, matching one, was the wedding gift. Dana wears a necklace depending on the earrings. For example a long necklace with long earrings and a short necklace with smaller earrings.




Dana is fearless with her wallpaper. Dry crackled mud has inspired her right along with barbed wire. Her jewelry is equally fierce. She buys and collects wildly modern and artistic jewelry that instantly telegraphs: Polite chit-chat not needed here!



…oops got off track with Alexander McQueen accessories



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