21st Dec 2013

A True Story


Recently we held a trunk show and one man in particular, an art dealer, was very complementary about the Rock of Eden collection. After chatting awhile we formally introduced ourselves whereupon we realized he was the husband of a woman at the party. She had been admiring a silver bracelet for quite some time unbeknownst to him.

Not wanting to be too pushy I casually mentioned her favorite piece- the bracelet. He asked more about the collection and this piece and decided to purchase it. We had one of the store associates ring it up in secret which was no easy feat because his wife was nearby and we knew she might notice the bracelet was gone. Somehow, we pulled it off.

Of course he wasn’t able to take it with him so we offered to deliver it to his office. When it came time to drop it off we phoned him several times to make sure he would be there. No answer. We tried again. No answer.

A day or so later a woman answered the phone – his wife. Her husband had had a heart attack and died. We couldn’t believe it.

We are inspired by a man who took the time to understand what his wife liked when he could have easily “put up” with the cocktail party instead of discreetly getting his wife a present. We didn’t know him really except that he was gracious and kind and he loved his wife.

Our thoughts and prayers are with this woman and her family.

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